Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some Cartoons

All these cartoons have come from different sources - the anger of the people is finding its expression in visual satire. We must work toward taking forward this anger to the sources of corruption - primary amongst which is corrupt loot and plunder. Onwards to the 9th of August protest in Delhi!  


  1. student--youth had to come forward against corruption and corporate loot for democratic India..this the country of youth..let us take pledge to unite the common people against neo-liberal policies of privatization
    facilitating corporate takeover of national resources and corporate loot. We pledge to
    unite the common people with artist,literary personalities against institutions and governments responsible for aiding
    and abetting corruption and shielding the corrupt.

  2. now this time of artist who change the face of India, today indias face is very ugly than above current national hero which delegate on today situation in india.so using your art change the face of india which is damage by corruption.so... please support the anna to india against corruption movement. stay connect with us on

    fight against corruption